Your Body is a Ferrari

Your body is a Ferrari. 

But most of us are treating our body like it's a moped. 

Hey, I've got nothing against mopeds, but you're not a moped...

... you're a high- powered Ferrari. 

Maybe you don't feel like a Ferrari, but trust me, if anyone is a Ferrari, it's you. 

And the only way to unleash your true Ferrari self is to fuel your body accordingly. 

Take it from me. I used to try and train like a Ferrari while fueling up like a unicycle. 

I wanted to be lean with visible muscle definition. I thought that if I just ate less (way less), I would burn off all my fat and uncover the chiseled body of a Greek god. 


I didn't build any strength, or muscle.

I didn't burn fat effectively either. 

My body was under fed, and that means I wasn't fueling up like the supercharged machine I wanted to become. 

Like most lessons, I had to learn this one the hard way. Through years of trial and error. 

But once I started fueling my body like a supercharged sports car, the body fat started to melt away, and the lean muscle tone was finally showing through. 

I don't want you to waste all that time like I did, so let's start fueling up like a sports car. 

Where to Start

If you want to fuel your body like the powerful machine it is (and I highly recommend it), focus on this one thing to start out:

Which low-quality fuel sources could your replace with high- quality? 

Before you worry about fuel quantity (how much total food you're eating), let's make the switch from low-test to high-test. 

Choose one food that you eat on a daily basis and replace it with something else that will fuel your engine. 

Making this one change will have a tremendous impact on your performance in the gym, your desire to workout, your energy levels, mood and cognitive function.

It will also go a long way in burning body fat and building that lean muscle we're all after.  

Note: Once you have substituted your low quality fuel for high quality, I highly recommend tracking your calories and macronutrients to make sure your fuel quantities (how much total food you're eating) are on point as well. 

We've covered these extensively on this site, and I'll link you to a resource so you can get started. 

Fat Burning Nutrition Made Simple

Now go be a Ferrari. 

Written by Mitch Heaslip