Young Love...

Check these two out...

These youngsters, husband and wife,  train together with me at Fit For Life gym, and they love it. 

They never miss a session, they never stop smiling, and they love every minute they spend in the gym. 

C, the young lady in the video/ photo has accomplished so much.

She has: 
Increased her dumbbell over head press from 1 lbs to 10 lbs.
Her step up box height from 4" to 12".
Her push ups have improved from doing them leaning against the wall, do doing low push ups on a suspension trainer. 
She does full range of motion squats (I mean FULL range of motion) with an additional 10 lbs, when she couldn't even do the movement when we started. 
She accomplishes at least 100% more work in a 30 minute period than she did when we first started 5 months ago.

I wish I could take credit for this success. The truth is, her success is due her support system, which is shown in the photo above. 

Her husband R, who is not only in great shape and able to demonstrate some impressive feats of exercise, could also be described as the perfect gentlemen. 

R always makes sure to get his wife the weights she needs for her exercise, and sees to it that she's set up and comfortable before he sets up his own station. 

Don't mistake this sweetness for softness. 

These two don't play around in the gym. 

They like heavy weights, and they're not too fond of rest. They come to the gym to work, smile and improve themselves not as individuals, but as a team. 

C and R are beyond inspirational, but there are a few practical lessons they teach us as well.

1. No matter what stage of life you are in, there is always room to make improvements and work on yourself. It's always going to be worth it. 
2. Great training plans, nutrition, and lifestyle habits are important. But a strong social support system is crucial. C has R, and R has C. Their bond and teamwork is a huge reason for their success with fitness. 
3. Enjoy the process. These two aren't worried about their body weight, how much weight is in their hand, or how many reps they can lift today vs tomorrow. 

They simply embrace the process, every moment, in the moment, and the results speak for themselves. 

I know by now you love these two people, so I have a little treat for you. 
Above is a quick video...

Written and Produced by Mitch Heaslip