Meet Jess: Full Time Author and FFL Gym Rockstar

Allow me to introduce you to Jess (the young lady rocking the ‘S’ on her chest in the above photo). 

Jess is a full-time romance author, wife, and mamma to two cats. 

She’s also a rockstar in the gym, but we’ll get to that in just a second. 

First, let’s go back to 2012 when Jess first decided she wanted to make a change. 

Jess wanted to lose weight, and successfully lost 75 lbs through dieting. But after a couple years working from home, she put 50 lbs of that weight back on. 

She felt completely defeated. 

That is, until she spoke to a friend who was getting impressive results working with a trainer at FFL Gym. 

Jess thought a trainer would keep her focused, on track, and accountable. Soon after the conversation with her friend, she walked into FFL Gym and signed up for personal training. 

After working with Michelle for one year, losing 55 lbs, and having a blast doing it, she hasn’t looked back. 

Making the decision to join FFL Gym and work with Michelle changed Jess’s life. But making the decision to take her first step into the gym wasn’t an easy one. 

The hardest thing for me was walking in the front door. I was super nervous that everyone would either make fun of me or make me feel unwelcome. It has never been the case! Everyone at the gym — both staff and clients — have always been super encouraging. It really does feel like a gym ‘family’. — Jess

Jess’s accomplishments in the gym speak for themselves. She’s lost over 50 lbs, gone from 10 jumping jacks to thirty, and has steadily graduated to more difficult exercises as her abilities increased.

But one of the coolest things about Jess’s story is how her training has affected her life outside the gym. 

‘‘I’m strong! I’ve always been very sedentary and because I had scoliosis growing up, I wore a back brace from the time I was 5 until I had surgery at 15. I’ve always sat on the sidelines and never gave it much thought. But since I’ve started working out, I’ve noticed how much stronger I am, and it’s something that never occurred to me! 
Now I can pick up those totes of cat litter or the big packs of water at the grocery store and I can do it without struggling. I can move furniture in the house and help my husband pick up heavy stuff without worrying I’m going to hurt myself.” -Jess

Watching Jess change her life one day at a time is an absolute pleasure. What makes it even better is how much fun she has doing it. She’s embracing the process and doing it with a smile. 

Jess credits a lot of the fun and success she has had to her trainer, Michelle. 

I love Michele! Me and Michele really click. We laugh and have a good time through every workout, and it’s a lot like having a buddy to train with instead of a teacher. She’s great at correcting my form and nagging me when I’m slacking (and I KNOW when I’m slacking). She’s super encouraging and I feel like she’s there with me every step of the way and takes a personal stake in my success. It’s wonderful and I can’t say enough great things about her. She really cares. -Jess

Check out Jess and Michelle in action in the video below.