Why You Gain Weight When You Start Working Out

This is a question I've gotten from our clients multiple times over the last couple weeks. 

You want to lose some weight and lean up, so you join the gym. You knock out some great Results Training and Strength workouts. 

You're proud of the work you're putting in the gym, so you start to eat better food. 

You're doing amazing! You're crushing it. 

So you step on the scale to see what kind of damage you've done. 

You weight has gone up! 

What is going on here? 

Don't panic. This is totally normal. 

If you don't know why this is happening, this can be disheartening, and I can see why. 

But trust me, this is good weight gain, and it should be embraced. Here's what's going on. 

When you first begin working out, your body is wondering what exactly you're doing to it. When it realizes these workouts are happening several times a week, it responds by preparing your body for future workouts. 

To prepare you for future, harder workouts, your body takes the food you eat and stores it as glycogen in your muscles. Glycogen is energy, ready to be unleashed on your next Results Session. 

Along with this glycogen comes some water stored in your muscle cells, which help accomplish the same thing. 

This energy stored in your muscles causes the scale to jump a few pounds. 

So, this isn't fat gain, and it doesn't mean your body isn't already changing for the better. It's quite possible that you're burning fat, even with this slight jump on the scale (another reason why we don't trust only in the scale to track our progress). 

So if you just begin training, or you were wondering what was up with the initial weight gain when you started your training program, that's all it was. 

Your body was just preparing you for more, and better progress. 

Keep on crushing it. 

Written by Mitch Heaslip